Custom Created Social Posts and PR

We are your dedicated social media management company who will design and post impactful content on your social media accounts. Hand-made content, engaging captions, and optimized hashtags to grow your business. We know social media.



Dedicated Social Media Manager

You will receive a dedicated social media manager who eats, lives, and breathes social media.

Your Own Dashboard

View your posts. Leave comments to your manager. Edit captions. You have total access and can even schedule content to all your socials through our platform!


Sit back and relax – our process is the easiest and most efficient way to manage your social media accounts. We create the content, we understand your needs, and we publish for you!

Review Your Content

No more Google Slides, no more emails – all your content is visible under one roof! Spend 5 minutes a month and your work is done! We save you time and money while delivering world-class content.

Custom Content

No cookie cutter posts or boring stock photos. We design posts that will truly speak to your audience. No two accounts are the same – standout with our content that will wow your audience!

Gain Immense Credibility

No other company offers full feature Press Release in their social media plans.  You will immediately receive an immense online boost thanks to our PR that is a value of $699-$999

World-Class Customer Support

Affordability does not mean a compromise on service. We have top-ranked customer support and communication to make sure your needs are always attended to.

Try Us Out Now! 7 Day Free Trial!

Want a preview of what we can do for you? Try us out for 7 day totally free!


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

We have posted over 750,000 unique pieces of content and have worked with over 500+ different businesses.

Content Types

Promo and Sales

Have products you want us to feature? We got you. Running a sale? We will show the world.

Inspiring and Motivational

People LOVE to feel inspiration when on social media. We will help make an impact on your audience’s life.


Modern day comics that are short, simple, hilarious, and effective. Sprinkled in at the right time. We can create memes perfect for you brand.

Fun Facts and Trivia

Sharing knowledge makes the world a better place and our facts/trivia posts will show  you as an industry authority.  


We design eye-catching and informative infographics help engage your followers with information relevant to them.

User Generated Content

Do you have photos you want us to share? We will curate content and make them social media ready. Or we can share popular content and give credit to the original poster to help keep content fresh.

Trending Topics

Have your audience talking about popular topics and viral content. We will find the latest trends and post about them!


Save up to 20%


Get Started
Get Started
Get started with a free 7 day trial or choose a monthly/yearly plan that is best for you. You can upgrade, change plans, or cancel at any time.
Get to Know You
Get to Know You

Fill out our intake form – this allows you to tell us what content and style you are looking for. If you don’t know, no worries! We are the social pros and we will handle it for you.

Fast Turnaround
Fast Turnaround

Within 3 days you will receive the freshest social media content for your account. Submit feedback, make edits, or just let us post! We always listen to what the customer wants.

The Routine
The Routine
Each month we will create and schedule new content that is all visible from your dashboard.
Press Release
Press Release
For PR services, we will have an additional intake form to be filled out and our team of writers will craft your story and we will publish your article within 30 days after payment.

Lastly, there’s no need to pay for any additional software! Our dashboard allows you to post your own content all from one location. Save time and money just with our software alone!

Meet The Team

Our team is composed of some of the most talented social media managers and content creators. Here’s some of us:



Customer Specialist



Content Architect



Publishing Scientist



Social Media Strategist



Content Curator



As a business owner, I have no time nor do I want to create social media posts. However I know that it is necessary and I did not want to hire someone who costs $1000+

24 Hour Social was the right price, the workflow is great, and I love their posts and PR.


I have worked with 24 Hour Social for over a year and they keep getting better and better - my employees no longer are throwing social media management onto each other - everyone is happier!


I tried other agencies and the workflow was annoying, I ended up just spending more time editing and doing Zooms to show some content manager what I wanted. Not the case with 24 Hour Social - everything is so smooth and it’s so much less stressful.


Okay their content is awesome, the support is great, and on-boarding is so smooth!  Wish I found them sooner.  Also their PR was EPIC - never knew a social media agency could do that.


They really found a novel way to manage social media content posting without back and forth emails, google drives, and more. Really easy process, very great to work with and I have so much time saved to focus on other areas of my business.


My side-hustle NEEDED the social media content but the blessing in disguise was the PR I received as well. I had new customers who mentioned they read our article on SuccessXL which was so cool.


I used to pay $2000/m for the content that they create. They cut my budget by 75% and the work is just as good if not better than agencies that cost 4x.


I gave the free trial a shot and I am glad I did - I signed up because I kept seeing their ads and their examples seemed really eye-catching and professional. Now my medspa is getting such beautiful content everyday!


I started with the trial, then 12 posts per month, and then 30 posts per month. It’s the bomb - everything is done right and feedback is easy to manage. Very happy I found them and will keep recommending them.