Which package is best for me?

That will determine how frequently you want content created and posted – remember the more the better because the more eyeballs on your page. Also, our higher end packages include PR. If you need help picking, just message us!

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at anytime, just follow the cancelation steps on our website.

Are there setup fees or other costs?

No additional costs, no set up or onboarding fees.

Do I need to pay for Ads?

All our posts are organic but many clients have great success by boosting or promoting the ads. If you need help, send us a message!

How do you know what to post?

We understand that no two businesses are alike. First, upon sign up, you will fill out a New Client Discovery survey about your business. We will then begin researching your specific industry and area of business. We have found that a little information from you goes a long way with your Content Manager.

Can I still post on my social media pages?

Absolutely! You maintain full ownerships of your social media profiles. You may post, comment, engage, etc just like normal. You can also send us pictures or videos of content that you would like for us to post. Also, you have your very own dashboard to login and schedule content for your business. This is a standalone value of $55/month!

What if I don’t like the content?

No worries! We want your experience to be amazing and there are many solutions to that! Always communicate via email with your Content Manager. Provide feedback. If we need to change content managers we are able to do that as well.

Do all clients get the same content more or less?

Never. Never. Never. Each client is unique. All our posts are custom tailored for you. Using your brand colors, logo, fonts, etc. We truly make you look like a million bucks online.

Do I have monthly meetings with my manager, how often do we meet?

We want social media management to save you as much time and headaches as possible. You may upgrade to monthly strategy meetings and we have found that Dashboard communication or email communication is absolutely sufficient for any business on our service, from 6 figure companies to 9 figure companies.

Who are the content managers?

We have a rockstar team of content managers that keeps on growing! We love social media, we have a totally awesome creative side, and we learn about businesses and industries inside and out. And you best believe we know the latest trends on social media so we can keep your business on top of things.