About Us

Founding Beliefs

24 Hour Social is an agency and a service-based business that helps small business owners with their social media content and management of social media platforms. We were founded in 2019 with the belief that small businesses should have an affordable yet quality solution to social media management. At 24 Hour Social, you receive a service that is appreciated, valued, and ultimately helps your business grow.

Clients Come First

Above all, we prioritize our clients and they come first. Every qualified business is able to start a free trial with us and we create and post social media content for them for free! We believe that small-businesses are the backbone of the world and it is so important to stay active and up to date on social media. Because small-business owners wear so many hats, it is easy to fall behind on designs, content, and posting on Instagram, Facebook, and more. With that problem in mind that millions of business owners face, we provide a complete done-for-you solution.





Message from Our CEO

At 24 Hour Social, we are a company built around people who are passionate, hardworking, dedicated, and valued for their inherited and taught skills. As a service-based business, our employees matter just like our valued customers. That is why I am so proud to oversee the day to day operations of this wonderful company, 24 Hour Social, the social content company that helps small businesses across the world with their social media management and content posting.

What makes this company so special is that every single day, we onboard new businesses from new locations around the USA and the world and we study, we learn about them, and we create awesome content for them. This morning, we might sign a new fat loss clinic in Fort Wayne, Indiana and then in the afternoon we have a law firm join from Brooklyn, NY. In between, a new disinfectant cleaning company franchise signs with us. No day is the same, no business is the same, and that variety breeds life and energy into all of us at 24 Hour Social.

Our business was created to bridge the gap between and find the proper solution between cheap and mass produced social media content vs. overpaying for an “expert” to spend an hour a week posting. With our unique model, you receive affordability plus white glove quality you can know and expect. We are a fun, interactive, and resourceful growing bunch who like to hustle all night and day, learn new aspects of design, and constantly hone our marketing strategies.

To those reading this, thank you – thank you for discovering us, thank you for your trust, and thank you for supporting small businesses, just like we do. It is with great pleasure we get to work with so many uniquely beautiful businesses throughout this great county. As social media developments, surely we will too, and we want you along for the ride. Welcome to 24 Hour Social, the friendliest social media company you will ever work with, and the only social media company you’ll ever need!






Quality > Quantity

We believe that businesses should be excited about content posting and not view it as a daunting task. Here’s how we ensure we create the highest quality content that is unique to YOU.
Market and competitor research. We learn about your market and competitors inside and out, see what is working and what is not, and develop our own content strategy for you
Study your Survey: We understand your voice, your vision, and your values and we will design that into our content
Receptive to Feedback: We listen to you. As you have new services, new products, etc we will design content specifically for that to make sure your followers are up to date with you!
Follow the Trends: We are constantly reading, watching, and learning about social media trends and discovering new ways to help market your business online.